FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. General information

There is a wide network of distributors worldwide. If you have any difficulties finding them, please contact us and we will forward your request to the nearest dealer.
If you are from the Americas please, contact us at: info@motic-america.com
If you are from Asia please, contact us at: info@motic.com.hk
If you are from Europe please, contact us at: info@moticeurope.com

Send an e-mail to technical@motic-america.com (Americas) / info@motic.com.hk (Asia) / digital.support@moticeurope.com (Europe) indicating the serial number of your digital microscope and/or digital camera and the operating system that you are going to use.

2. Software - MIP 3.0

3. Hardware & Cameras

If none of these documents has helped you to find a solution to your problem, you can take a look at the complete software’s’ manual by downloading it:
EN - Motic Images Plus 3.0 ML Software - User Manual
DE - Motic Images Plus 3.0 ML Software - Bedienungsanleitung
EN - Motic Live imaging Module (MIDevices) - User Manual
DE - Motic Livebild-Modul (MIDevices) - Bedienungsanleitung

Or contact our Digital Support Department by sending an e-mail to:

Americas: technical@motic-america.com
Asia: info@motic.com.hk
Europe: digital.support@moticeurope.com