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     MotiConnect Free App 
     User-friendly microscopy at your fingertips 
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     View, capture and store your images 
    in the blink of an eye
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     Having a Wi-Fi microscope or camera 

     the free MotiConnect App is the only thing a user needs 
     to wirelessly connect their microscope to mobile devices 

Discover the MotiConnect App

Motic's MotiConnect App makes data sharing possible in a collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork and collective learning experiences.

More and more people are using mobile devices in all aspects of their lives, including work. Digital Microscopy should not be an exception to this trend. And for this reason, we have created MotiConnect that works with iOS, Android as well as Windows mobile devices. MotiConnect allows you to view live camera streams, capture and measure, annotate and share your microscope image by simply touching the icons on your tablet. This application is popular amongst students, professors and professionals alike as it is easy to use and intuitive, even to tablet novices.


Yes, it's free and it has everything you need to work with your microscope and tablet.
View, capture, edit, and share your images in the blink of an eye.

Plug & Play

Download the free MotiConnect App for iOS or Android devices and you’re ready to work with your microscope image.

Live image

Easily link your microscope image to your mobile device and make live image adjustments and measurements.

Edit your image

Edit your captured images by making measurements, by selecting areas with different shape options or by writing notes.


In just a few clicks, share your work with anyone!


See the different modules included in the App

Edit Menu - Measurements

Live Image

Photo Gallery

Edit Menu - Annotations

Edit Menu - Color line

Edit Menu - Measurements and notes

Live Image - Options Menu

Photo Gallery - Import Menu


Take a look at the videos related to the MotiConnect App

Download the MotiConnect App

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