The All-in-One Box concept

What makes the Moticam Cameras different

At Motic, we strive to ensure that everything that you may need to work with your Moticam is included in one box.
Supported by our own In-House team of Software and Mechanical Engineers, each Moticam has the necessary equipment
to help you to turn your images into knowledge.

See what your Moticam box includes

Following the Plug&Play principle, the Moticams come with the necessary accessories to attach it to your microscope.
All the accessories mentioned below are supplied with the Full HD and Wi-Fi cameras.
Our USB cameras and Tablet Solutions also follow the All-in-One Box concept, although the accessories included may vary.

  • Your New Moticam

    The Moticam is ready to work and to open a new world of possibilities. Attach it to your microscope and enjoy it!

  • A 4-dot calibration slide

    With micrometer cross-hairs that ensures accurate calibration for precise measurements.

  • Two adjustable size Eyepiece Adapters

    Together with the focusable lens, allows you to attach the camera onto almost any microscope without having to remove the Eyepiece.

  • A Macro Viewing Tube

    Use it together with the focusable lens, it is ideal for using the camera without a microscope, for viewing macro-specimens.

  • A focusable coated glass lens

    Matched to the size of the imaging chip of your camera, is meant to be used with the macro tube or the eyepiece adapters.

  • All necessary cables

    A USB cable to transfer the data and images to your computer, and a power supply cord, to give power to your Moticam.

  • Motic Images Plus 3.0

    Our well-known Image Analysis Software now redesigned from top to bottom! View, capture, edit, make reports... all its standard features and the new ones packed in a new user-friendly interface.

If you want to learn how to mount your Moticam into your microscope