Why a Moticam?

Get a glimpse about the reasons why the Moticams are well-known and trusted

Resolutions for all tastes

All Moticams have a CMOS or sCMOS sensors, with resolutions starting from 1MP up to 12MP

The all-in-one box concept

Following the Plug&Play principle, the Moticams come with the necessary accessories to work with your microscope

Image Analysis software included

Does not matter if you work through a computer or a tablet... the software is always included.

Which side are you on?

Does not matter! Our software is compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux; and the App is available for iOS and Android too!

How do you want to view your image?

Computers, screens, beamers, tablets... whatever! we have cameras with all kinds of outputs so that you can find a camera for every device.

Fit all microscopes in the market

Don't worry at all! Our Moticams have several attachment methods, and we can assure you that they fit with almost any microscope in the market.

Moticams at work

Different Moticams teaming up with all kinds of microscopes with the same aim: giving you the best solution for your application and within your Budget.

Moticam X

working together with a BA210E upright microscope


Moticam S3

working together with a BA310E upright microscope


Moticam X

working together with a RED223 upright microscope


Moticam Pro S5 Plus

working together with a Panthera CC upright microscope + FLED Fluorescence attachment


Moticam X3

working together with a RED30S stereo microscope


Moticam Pro S5 Lite

working together with an AE2000 inverted microscope


Moticam S1

working together with a BA210E upright microscope


Moticam 1

working together with a PM1805 Petrographic microscope


MotiConnect App

View, capture and store your images in the blink of an eye. Easily edit your images by making measurements, by selecting an area with different shape options or by writing notes. In just a few clicks, share your work with anyone!
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